Pumpkin Friends

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the beginnings of the cooler weather. The color of the leaves as they fall and the crisp air as I go for a morning run. I have always loved making my kids costumes. I let them pick their costume and have been known to spend 100's of hours making it only for them to wear it for one night. I enjoy it so it's work it. 

I have not gotten into the decorations of Halloween. I don't know why but it always just seemed like one more thing to get out and clutter the house and then have to pack it away and store for a year. I know I'm weird but it was a hassle I can not get on bored with. 

Until now.  I came up with these adorable characters and have fallen in love with seeing their faces.

My kids have already named them and asked me to make more. 

Frank is a gentle giant. He is quite and loves to help around the house with various chores. 

Boo likes to hide in dark places and has a tendency to jump out when you least expect him to. 

Snitch spends most of her days making potions to sell for those who dare to use them. She doesn't go anywhere without her cat. 

Whiskers has a bad attitude about everything he follows Snitch around. The two of them get into all sorts of trouble. 

Hall isn't just your average pumpkin. He can randomly be seen next to a knife because he would nothing more than a face. 

Haha. The stories that have already begun with these characters are creative and fun to watch. Head over to any of my shops (Etsy, Ravelry, Craftsy) all named Made By Devrie and purchase your pattern. What will you name your characters?