Temperature Afghan

Have you ever heard of a temperature afghan? I didn't until recently. I do not knit many blanket and I thought this would be a fun one. The idea is that you use a color chart that tells you which color to knit or crochet  based on the temperature outside for the day.  Then each day or once a week, which ever you prefer, you add to your blanket with the colors to represent the temperature for the days of the week. You can use colors in your stash or buy some new ones. Over at The Crochet Crowd, they will be crocheting one with a rainbow pallet. Using this template that you can find on her post. 

I however am going to change my color chart.  I found this yarn on one of my recent trips to build my stash. I fell in love with the colors. The combination is so different from what I would pick, but I love them. I believe that it fits my personality better. I am going to pull the colors out that I see to use for my chart You can change your chart to fit your personality or even the decor in your favorite room in your house.

I have decided that instead of crocheting mine, I will knit it. I decided the size I wanted and then divided it up into sections for the months. I want the blanket to be 72 inches long and 48 inches wide. Each month will be knit into strips, but I will be knitting each section together as I go so that I will not need to attach all these strips together in the end.  Here is my chart so you can understand me better. 

Starting each month on the right hand side and working toward the left. Or I guess you could go the other way and start on the left and go toward the right. Each strip will be 6 inches long. There will be one for each month and will make the overall 72 long. For January that would put each day 1.5 inches long to fit the overall 48 inches wide. February will have days that are about 1.7 inches wide. Continuing this pattern to the end. Gauge is a question and needle size and here is my suggestion. SMALL! Use a worsted weight or smaller and use a smaller needle. You will be knitting or crocheting this for a year. Unless you are going for a huge blanket, you will want to make each day small.  

This pictures shows more of the strips/months will look like. The top is how I plan to knit it. Each tiny section represents a day in the month. But it can also be knit or crochet like the bottom one is shown. Adding a line a day all the way to the end. You can also make a tiny granny square for each day or even a granny square for each month and every round of the square represents a day in that month. The options are to numerous to count. Each style will look so different and unique. I wish I had time to make them all. 
I am excited to see how this turns out. I plan to use my inspiration yarn as a border. Now I just have to keep track of the temperatures and decide if I will work on it daily or weekly. After a year, you will have this awesome blanket with an amazing story to tell with it. Doesn't this sound fun?? Join me and make your own. You can join my Ravelry Group (2016 Temperature Afghan). Post to Instagram #2016temperatureafghan. I can not wait to see what you have planned and what yours will look like.