It's Christmas!!!!!

Today is Christmas Eve and I have some last minute homemade gifts to finish up. I know I am procrastinating, but in my defense, this season has been CRAZY! Between the crazy weather and extra things that I have in my calendar, I feel like I have been running nonstop and still can not catch up. My daughter has always loved looking at the Calico Critters when we go to the store. I love them too. They are kind of expensive though. When she was younger, the idea of having all those tiny pieces was enough to make me say no! Now that she is almost 7 and my wonderful neighbor gave me the dollhouse she bought last year, I felt more comfortable  getting one for her. The house came with a cute little elephant family and lots of babies and baby furniture. I started looking into a kitchen and bathroom and was starting to dread the money I would need to spend to furnish this tiny house. Then I remembered a baby sitter I had that use to make Barbie furniture out of plastic canvas. They were beautiful! My father in law gave me an enormous bag of plastic canvas over the summer and I immediately got excited about all the cute furniture I could make and not have to spend a dime. Of course I would have to down size any free pattern I could find to fit these small dolls, but I was excited. First was a table and chairs. 

Hobby Lobby has an awesome dollhouse section and they have perfect tiny food. The table turned out great! So I moved onto the kitchen. 

Look how perfect those little pots fit on the stove! All attached together is the sink and dishwasher and stove. I love this even more than buying it. It is helping day ever growing yarn stash and I get to save so much money. I am going to work and finish the fridge today. My goal is to then cut out pieces for the bathroom and living room and have my daughter help put them together. I think it will be a great way to show her construction and I think she will love it that much more because she got to help. 

I hope everyone's Christmas is wonderful and filled with love from family and friends. Merry Christmas!!!