Hold It All Bucket

These buckets are so great. They work for so many things. I love to give them as gifts because I can fill them with so many fun things. After the shower, what can they be used for? When my kids were young, it was perfect to keep in the family room and fill it with diaper changing stuff. It holds many diapers and a package of wipes. The pockets on the outside are perfect for powder and ointment. Also an extra pair of socks and a few pacifiers. Even a thermometer will fit perfectly in there. 

As my daughter gets older, we have changed it to a hair bow bucket. There is a pocket for clips, combs, brushes, hair ties, gel, and the bows and headbands fit perfectly in the big section. 

What if you do not have kids or know anyone expecting? I use my bucket as a crafting bucket. My yarn fits perfectly inside and my knitting needles fit in the outside pockets along with scissors, pens, markers, and even some candy for a knitting treat. I can tuck it all away when I am not using it and it all stays nicely together. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. So what will you do with your bucket? I have many ways to contact me. Find your favorite and order yours for Christmas.